Monday, September 13, 2010

Holidays Pt. 1

Well, so it's the Raya school holidays now, for 2 weeks.
My family, of course, would seek the opportunity to leave home for our hometown.

Batu Pahat, the place my mother grew up, had fun.
Going back regularly to cherish the moments with her mother, and our relatives there.

It's a 5 days trip, a trip, for the first time in my life, that has a Leo event in it.
It's the Batu Pahat Leo Joint Installation for 3 school:
SMK Dato Syed Esa, Chinese High School Batu Pahat and High School Batu Pahat.

September 10, is the event. So we planned our journey there one day before, September 9, but with the absence of Daddy and brother.

For the event, it was RM 8 for the entrance fees into the hall in Lian Hoe Restaurant, located in the city central of Batu Pahat.

This is the stage view from the seats planned for Leo clubs.

Installing Leo clubs. 

Performance by girl band B8, they have some good beats and guitars, but not the right choice of songs.

Meeting called to order by Lion Joey Pour.

Opening ceremony by Lions.

Speech by Organizing Chairman, Leo Lee Yong Heng.

Initiation & Installation of members from SMKDSE, HSBP and CHSBP.

Installation of BODs.

Installation of Key Officers.

And now you're full of images, it's time for some real food. Refreshments.

And now that the installation is over, it's time for socializing and performances.

For more photos of installation, club socializing, randomness and performances.
Please do visit the Facebook albums.

And for the whole event, it was really enjoyable, for the band performances, sketches by BODs, Chinese Yoyo, and Hiphop/street dances. And to say, it's really something worth going for, I'd be sure to go again next year, to probably make B1 and B2 closer apart by socializing, and then organizing Joint Projects.

Alright, sorry for making this Holidays post more into one that relates more about events.
And for my hometown trip, it was fun playing with my Aunt's baby.
Having a cute name of Kelvan, he's really a cute and lucky baby. 
Hope that I'll see him grow up healthy and safe.

And oh, the reason for titling this post as Part 1 is that I'm blogging about the first week of holidays.
Now that I'm back home, I'll see what can else can I do anymore. :)

Part 2 will be up next weekend, cheers !