Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holidays Pt. 2 ? No. :D

Still having finals now. And I'm feeling motivated by the drama I've watched few months ago, "God of Study".

Well, the other reason I would want to blog now is to make a clear path on my mind to concentrate on studying later. :)

And I'm really missing my eldest sister as she left for US to study.
When she was still around, I hasn't appreciated it enough.
I overlooked, something about family.

For now, I want to live everyday with a smile and laugh, and to improve myself.
Treasure preciously, the memories that you would want to forgive in the future.
Never let obstacles bring you down, you would excuse yourself for another let down.
I don't wanna miss a thing, a thing could be an opportunity for life. 

And for now I would also start planning my Year-end holidays, let's drive my life everyday with excitement and meaningfulness.

Oh and I'll be going for M.A.D Camp, which is a whole-Malaysia camp by Leo. Awaiting. :)